Frequently Asked Questions

Are estimates free?
Always! We work with you to determine the best time to meet and discuss your needs and options.
How long does it take to get a quote?

It really depends on the style(s) you are interested in, and how many options you ultimately need. Quotes are usually completed within two weeks of your appointment, however due to the current volume it may take longer than expected. Ask the sales representative what the turnaround time is for your particular circumstance.

Do I need a permit?
Look for your city, village or town on our Municipal Codes page to see if one is required where you live. If you do not see your municipality, call the local administrative office and inquire as to what is needed.
Do I need to locate underground utilities?
VCF calls in Digger’s Hotline for every job, it is state law (WI Statute 182.0175). Private utilities like sprinkler systems, pool lines, garage or shed electric are all responsibilities of the home owner, as these are the types of utilities Digger’s Hotline will not locate. There are companies that will locate these for a fee. Ask your sales representative for more information.
I am not sure where my property stakes are or if I even have any. Now what?
Property stakes are usually rebar or iron pipe put in when your house was built. Sometimes they get buried or even removed. Check with your neighbors or builder to see if they know the location. Ultimately, a surveyor may have to be hired.
How do we get on the job schedule?
Once you are satisfied that your quote meets your needs, sign one copy and send it to us with the down payment. We will notify you once we have received it. You are now on the schedule!
When will my job be installed?
Your sales representative will provide you more information. Much of it depends on whether your product is in stock or needs to be ordered. It also varies during the year as to how backlogged we are. Scheduling is a dynamic process. Weather before your start date can have an affect along with other variables. Communication with you on all of these factors is the key, and is what VCF will do to keep you informed.
Do I need to be there when the crew is installing our fence?
If possible, yes. We ask that you can at least meet them so you are sure the layout is correct, gates are where they should be, what direction they will swing etc. Once all of this is in order, the crew gets going. If you have to leave, give the foreman a number you can be reached at if questions arise. Also, it is preferable that you are present when the job is completed to walk it with the crew to make sure you are completely satisfied.