Chain Link Fence

Galvanized Chain Link

  • Economical – Perfect for the tighter budgets. More fence per dollar!
  • Practical – Achieves requirements for containment and protection.
  • Versatile – It will adapt to any situation or use.
  • Low maintenance – Simple cleaning with a garden hose is all that is usually needed.

At Valley Custom Fence, we use galvanized fabric (mesh) that is Galvanized Before Weaving (GBW). This gives you a smooth finish that is safe for children and pets. Available in 11 gauge (residential), 9 gauge (commercial) and 6 gauge (industrial). Posts and Rails (framework) are available in 16 gauge (residential), 20 weight (commercial) and 40 weight (industrial). Ask your sales representative which is best for your application. All galvanized products carry a 15 year warranty.

Our full color chain link line is available in standard black, green and brown colors. The fabric comes in three grades – extruded (standard, stock), bonded (adhesive applied to the core wire. An upcharge.), and fuse bonded (chemical applied to heated wire. An ultimate bond and upcharge.). The framework is a Permacoat color system that gives a smooth, consistent finish. It goes through an 11 stage coating process that makes it durable, and dramatically increases weathering resistance (color and gloss retention) and reduces scratches and burnishing marks normally encountered during shipping and installation. All full color products carry a 15 year warranty.


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